Battleblock Theater Custom Heads

Welcome to the Crowbar Highfive gallery of Battleblock Theater user created heads! We’ve compiled our favorite custom heads to share and use in Battleblock Theater for Steam! 

Download our PSD here to start makin’ Heads!

When you’re done editing your custom head, save it as a .PNG file and email it to for your chance to be featured in the gallery below!

Custom Head Gallery

Drag the heads you like to your Userfaces folder!

Space Core on our Discord server  (formerly Inkling Girl) adds these very good heads

BartCake Cupthink2 Rapper Tutu

Robofrog gaming delivers a madtrap on our Discord server


The Discord server keeps on giving with these awesome pixel kids from Fernus!

Inkling Octoling

Inkling Girl from our Discord server sent a Blueberry La Croix Can head! Tasty! Also Sonic!


Discord server  user RoboFroggaming is back again with some more great heads!

AgentCat FalloutBoy IDKTurtle KPR_Sticker_30 LeBron MegaMan SadShrek Wario

The Docter of Gaming send us a custom head of Minecraft Steve built from Battleblocks!


We got an email from Knockcrok with some custom made heads! Cool stuff!

KockHead_1 KockHead_2 KockHead_3 KockHead_4 KockHead_5 KockHead_Sanic

Submitted on our Discord server by Doctor Pyro, have some heads to show and to hide!

CartoonBurger CornCob Donkey DontStarve1 DontStarve2 EyeEgg Flying_Beast Gem GreenShark HappyFlag Knightmare LEGO lol SadFrog SleepingRobot

Dacoolglass from our Discord server submitted a cool collection of heads! Thanks!

attachment bill_cipher_by_ghuzz_buzz-d9fz0rk CastleCrashed GokuBlock HatTooth kgTlJ0b kPnM4c3 RealBurger SpartanAdjacent TrollHD

Fun with Transparency and this face from RoboFrogGaming


RoboFrogGaming dropped a Rick and Morty head on to our Discord server! Snap!

Eduardo sends in his own custom made Pika-themed icon as a head! Pika-pick it up!

My custom made head

After 20 minutes in Microsoft paint, TheGuyThatAteTheHat presents, SOLIDBOX! Snaaaake!


Sent in by TheEpicCreation, here’s a collection of TF2 heads and other clever ones!

330x192 482568922_preview_demomancolor 482568922_preview_engineerred 482568922_preview_mediccolor 482568922_preview_saxtonHalecolor 482568922_preview_Scoutcolor d df dsa hg sfk_by_memoski-d7sox6z SteamTrailerGuy-218x300 theepiclogo Trollface

Lewis sent us a peek at his true form, this hand-drawn custom head!

My true form

Here’s a really cool Joker head from TomarovNikita – why so serious?


Dana presents, Duke Nukem’s lesser known, more meme-tastic brother Dick Kickem!

Dick Kickem

Here’s the head that Emttycup was using in this video


Sent in by Sora, We’ve got some sweet anime and game themed heads! Candyman!


Hey bro I heard you like Overwatch so I put some Overwatch in your Battleblock Theater!

OW_Ana OW_Bastion OW_DVa OW_DVaMech OW_Genji OW_Hanzo OW_Junkrat OW_Lucio OW_McCree OW_Mei OW_Mercy OW_Phara OW_Reaper OW_Reinhardt OW_Roadhog OW_Soldier76 OW_Symmetra OW_Torbjorn OW_Tracer OW_Widowmaker OW_Winston OW_Zarya OW_Zenyatta

Thanks to a creative Discord member, it’s Cat with a Crowbar and Little Tofu Horse heads! 

CrowbarCat HorseHead

German Briones brings us the Conehead and Necromancer heads from Castle Crashers!

Conehead Necromancer

Heyyy Guyys, Here’s a hand drawn Cartman head from Alefteau ARvideos!


Here’s a great group of familiar faces from Crazy Animatronic Productions seen here!

322 323 324 325

Here’s some heads Ricka made to party in BBT as some characters from Nuclear Throne!

NT_Eyes NT_Fish NT_Horror NT_Melting NT_Robot NT_Steroids NT_YV

Inspired by the new Netflix show, @Kapit whipped up a cool looking Daredevil head!


DeviantArt user Memoski makes amazing heads. Here’s 2 we used for our Portals video!


There’s something great about turning your head into a potato. Thanks, Buster Mønster!

unnamed Potato

Here’s a random assortment of hilarious heads by Lutenit Koala. Love that Deadpool!

markiplierhappybbt Idkbbt blue babybbtdpoolbbt Pic of lutenit

Hand drawn by iKid, here’s a Happy Cat Head! Now you can be the enemy! – Or a ghost. vXpP8OWmn8iGqW

Coming to us from The Netherlands, here’s eight heads made by Harry van Breukelen!

RoboheadWRoboHead2014RoboHead2014WrackHeadSamDreddHeadDeusHead    Sean 

These  were made by Ryan Lei, and include Bruce Lee and Will Smith! Too cool for school!

NatsuHead2_  Bruce LeeWill Smith 

Custom made by Naner Martzin, here’s a  random assortment of some cool characters!

Barney Monokuma Shifty Snake terumi Vendetta Wario

Straight from MGS2, it’s Motherf***in Raiden!!   –  sent in by Crystal Raiden

raidenmgs2 battleblock-1

Robert Fink made us some stylish versions of Megaman and Link! Nice!


Drawn by Tobias Asplund, It’s Spartan II, Gemmy Gemmington, Little Seahorse & Mr Sloth!Spartan IIGemmy Gemmington Little Seahorse Mr Sloth

Hand drawn to match the style of the game, Justin Nichols brings us his custom creations!

Admiral GemGoblin1LittleBatperson1Baggin CatMask BangPeriscopeUrukHello

Delivered by @Kapit, who’s also behind a bunch of art on the channel!

godzilla2014 primeswedishChef 

A handful of heads by Derek Spangler, including The Painter from Castle Crashers!

CitronCofagrigus  Onix MonstroPainter AJAKAHAO

Scanned in from Arend Verbrugh, it’s Papa Smurf and friends!

Kud Head 1  Head 2Kud Head 3

Sent by Luke Hanbury, it’s Hatty Hattington! Best Friend to All!


Submitted by Sir Facenuke, Mudkip and a Dark Souls Elite Knight!

Mudkip(colored+shaded)2.5Elite Knight Helmet.4

From the PSD linked above :

RickaFace_1BoomsFace_1SanicDogeBooEWJFloatyeyesCBH5Quote  SchpidermanMeatBoyMegaman8Bit_SuitsKakashi_ChibiCreeperLImboKid

Can’t remember how to import custom heads into the game? Watch our video!