Contact Info / FAQ

To submit your Battleblock Theater level, Custom head, OR to upload any pictures / fanart / NT Wars modifiers / Crash Cab questions / songs / other contributions, please email

To submit a challenge for our series “Challenge Accepted” please email – you can also leave a comment on any Challenge Accepted video, or send us a tweet!

For all business inquiries or to send review / press codes please email

Who is Crowbar Highfive?

Who manages your Website?

Brett does! You can contact him @ his business email here: – he also designed the API for Jiminy Twitchit and hosts our site! Thanks, Brett!

Who does your sweet art?

That would be Kapit! You can find him on Twitter @Kapit – he designed our Challenge Accepted logo, cartoon avatars, and all the art that makes up Jiminy Twitchit!

What is Jiminy Twitchit? 

He is Ricka’s virtual Twitch conscience that YOU control! Simply mash the Good or Evil buttons to sway Ricka’s decisions in certain video games live on stream! Ricka HAS to listen to Jiminy Twitchit, which makes for some funny results, especially in games like Fallout or Dragon Age!